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PrintForm announces investment from InspireX Ventures

PrintForm has officially announced the completion of a strategic investment from Atlanta-based InspireX Ventures. PrintForm blends modern additive/3D printing processes with traditional manufacturing methods to provide custom manufacturing solutions to multiple markets, incl more »

Additive vs. Subtractive, the ongoing debate

Subtractive Manufacturing (CNC Machining) Subtractive manufacturing (or CNC) is the process of starting with more material than is needed in sheet, rod or block form, and selectively removing material that is not required until the final shape emerges. This process i more »

Optically Clear and Light Pipe Prototypes

Optically Clear and Light Pipe Prototypes - Bill Artley Many projects in the product development industry will require clear parts, both in the prototyping stage, as well as the early production stages of manufacturing. In this post, we will discuss the processes, finishe more »

Design Considerations for SLS

Considerations: Tolerances, printer specs & limitations, and material properties.   Wall thickness - The minimum wall thickness to ensure a successful 3D print varies between 0.7 mm (.030”) up to 2.0 mm (.075”) (for carbon or glass filled PA). more »

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