End Use Parts

Providing both plastic and metal parts in quantities from 1 to 100,000, PrintForm is your ideal source for end use parts. Proven manufacturing processes like CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, and Injection Molding are complemented by our additive manufacturing capabilities like SLA, SLS, FDM, and DMLS, which provide you with incredible design freedom where complexity and small design iterations are essentially free.

If you are finished with your iterative design and prototyping cycle and are ready to begin producing the end use parts you require, we are here to help. CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, and Injection Molding are all process that provide you with parts made directly from production, end use materials, available in a wide range of quantities.

The Cast Urethane process is perfect for low quantities, and designs that are large or complex where Injection Molding would be very costly. Molding urethane parts off of silicone tools can provide you with functional production parts that can be textured, color matched, and receive labeling and inserts.

Lastly, there are many projects where parts produced via additive manufacturing methods will be perfectly sufficient for the final end use application. This is most commonly the case for lower quantities of parts, or situations where there are small variations between designs where a fixed design produced using repeatable tooling is not an option.

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