MJF (Multi Jet Fusion)

With speed unseen in additive manufacturing before and robust material options, Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) can help cut your project's time to market. Each of MJF utilized by PrintForm is calibrabrated to print up to 40,000 unique production parts a week. Previously the decision between function (SLS & FDM) and surface (SLA & PolyJet) was the classic engineer's conundrum. MJF brings the best of each to offer functional cosmetic parts.

MJF utilizes fusing and detailing agents over a powdered nylon 12 building area, with infrared lamps fusing an entire layer in a single pass producing functional, geometrically complex parts .005" layers at a time - with mechanical properties that are comparable to injection molded parts.

Benefits: Superior surface finish, texture and properties representative of molded parts with multiple finishing options. Fast lead times.

Lead Time: Most MJF projects ship out in a standard lead time of 3 business days, but this can often be expedited if necessary.

Tolerances: MJP parts can achieve tolerances of +/- .005” for the first inch, plus an additional +/- .002” for each additional inch.

Build Layer Thickness: Standard resolution parts are built with layers that are .004"-.005” thick.

Recommended Minimum Feature Size: .020" / .5 mm (XY plane is .012” [.3mm] and for the Z plane .020” [.5mm])

Single piece build size is as large as 10x13x14" however, larger components can be printed in sections and bonded together using industrial adhesive to create a seamless assembled part.

Ideal uses of MJF

  • Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)
  • High volume customized functional parts
  • Prototypes requiring chemical resistance
  • Under the hood automotive components
  • Living hinges & functional enclosures
  • Low and high volume rugged production parts
Multi Jet Fusion

MJF Materials

  • Nylon PA 12
  • More introduced soon

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